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Enhancing Your LinkedIn Company Page

Enhancing Your LinkedIn Company Page

When it comes to promoting your business, a LinkedIn Page can be an asset. LinkedIn Pages are similar to Facebook Pages in that they are public-facing platforms where you can promote your company and what your company does. You can also pay to advertise on both LinkedIn and Facebook Pages to reach a wider audience on the network.

Like Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Pages differ from personal profiles and are not meant to be commercial. Pages are meant to be publicly accessible promotional tools although you can limit access based on age (for alcoholic products, for example) or geography (for language-specific or region-specific content).

Other ways LinkedIn Pages are similar to Facebook Pages include:

  • You can access your Page from the web or on a mobile app.
  • You can react and respond to communications in comments on the Page.
  • You can stream to your Page in real-time to an audience using LinkedIn Live Events.
  • You can track engagement through a built-in analytics tool.
  • You can use a self-serve ad platform to reach a wider audience.

LinkedIn Pages differ from Facebook Pages in a number of ways including:

  • You can reach a more professional, business-minded audience on LinkedIn.
  • You can add on features to your LinkedIn Pages to promote business-specific information such as job openings.
  • Your LinkedIn Page will show your company’s employees if they’ve linked their personal LinkedIn profile to the Page.
  • You can upload and share PowerPoints, PDFs, and Word Docs, something you cannot do on Facebook Pages.

If you’re thinking about building your LinkedIn Page or enhancing the one you have, consider incorporating the following features to enhance your Page.

LinkedIn Articles

The Articles feature is part of LinkedIn Publishing. Think of this feature as a basic blog where you can compose, edit, and publish content. Like a blog, you can add a headline and body copy and then embed links, videos, images, pull quotes, or code snippets. You can also modify font size, style, and formatting. You can publish the articles to your LinkedIn Page and then track engagement with the post.

LinkedIn Newsletters

The Newsletter feature on LinkedIn is a newer offering and has been rolling out to all users. The Newsletter is recurring content so once you add a title, description, and your logo, you can choose how often the newsletter will be sent out to subscribers. The first article in your newsletter will post to your LinkedIn Page to help promote it and your subscribers will be notified each time a new newsletter is published.

Showcase Pages

If you want to highlight your company’s brands, business units, or other projects and initiatives, Showcase Pages can provide the platform to do that. Add a Showcase Page or multiple ones to your main page, and they will be listed under ’Affiliated Pages’ on your main LinkedIn Page. You can post to Showcase Pages in the same way youdo on the Main Page, and adding them expands your company’s presence on LinkedIn.

Workplace Module

You can add a new section to your Linked Page called Workplace where you can highlight the career opportunitiesand benefits of working at your company.

Post Jobs

Posting jobs on LinkedIn must start with an individual associated with your Page, usually someone in HR or itcould be you, the business owner, if you do the hiring. When you are posting a job, you can elect to associatethe listing with your Page, so it appears there. Posting jobs on LinkedIn is free.

Career Pages with Life and Jobs Tabs

A Career Page is a fee-based feature that can be added to your LinkedIn Page. With a Career Page, members can seejobs recommended for them. The Jobs tab is a feature included with Career Pages that lets users search foremployment opportunities with your company and to create job alerts for newly posted roles. The Life tab isanother feature that helps you showcase the culture at your company.

A LinkedIn Premium Career account costs $29.99 per month. This account provides tools to help facilitate hiringincluding free InMails, profile views, and access to more details about each job applicants.

As you can see, LinkedIn offers features specifically geared toward marketing and growing your company. Taking advantage of these features can help to make your LinkedIn Page more effective in reaching the right audience and reaching your business goals.

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