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Trump Said To Be Softening Stance On NAFTA. (01/16/2018)

Jonathan Swan reported for Axios (1/14) that President Trump “is developing a softer attitude” towards NAFTA. Swan said “five sources who’ve spoken privately with Trump about NAFTA say he’s taking more seriously the risks of withdrawing.” In addition, a “conga-line of Republican senators have met with the president and explained to him why they consider NAFTA so important to their states.” Reportedly, two arguments have “helped change Trump’s thinking: Withdrawing from NAFTA might interrupt the stock market’s record-breaking run under his presidency,” and “would harm farmers and agricultural communities – whom Trump considers ‘my people.’”

Business Climate

Economists: Trump Has Had Positive Effects On US Economic Growth, Hiring, Stock Market. (01/16/2018)

The Wall Street Journal (1/11, Leubsdorf, Subscription Publication) reported that economists it surveyed say President Trump has for the most part had positive effects on the growth of the US economy, employment, and the stock market’s performance since taking over the White House. For 2018, those economists also predicted both continued growth in the economy and a drop in the number of unemployed, pointing to tax reform as a key factor. The Journal said most of those economists indicated that the election of Trump has played a role in the recent strength of the economy.

Small Business Marketing

Facebook Says It Will Emphasize Personal Posts, De-Emphasize News. (01/16/2018)

Facebook upended its relationship with news publishers Thursday when it announced what the New York Times (1/11, Isaac, Subscription Publication) called “sweeping changes” designed to “prioritize” posts from family and friends “while de-emphasizing content from publishers and brands.” Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said the platform seeks more “meaningful interaction,” the Times reported, adding that “the shift is the most significant overhaul in years to Facebook’s News Feed.” Zuckerberg said, “We want to make sure that our products are not just fun, but are good for people. ... We need to refocus the system.”

Wages and Benefits

Republicans Expected To Target Employer Mandate Next. (01/16/2018)

The New York Times (1/14, Pear, Subscription Publication) reported that “having wiped out” the individual mandate, Republicans in Congress are “taking aim at a new target: rolling back the mandate in the Affordable Care Act that employers offer coverage to employees.” Many employers who see the mandate “as onerous and expensive” are “cheering the effort.” The Times, however, cautioned that “such a move could also increase costs for the federal government. ... If fewer people receive coverage from employers, more will qualify for subsidized coverage in the public marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act.”

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