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Buttigieg Says Supply Chain Disruptions Could Continue Into Next Year (10/19/2021)

The Hill (10/17, Choi) reported that on CNN’s State Of The Union Sunday, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg “said supply chain issues could continue into next year as many companies struggle with disruptions.” Noting “that Moody’s recently warned that supply chain issues would ‘get worse before they get better,’” host Jake Tapper “asked Buttigieg whether he agreed with that notion and if Americans should prepare for such an outcome.” Buttigieg said, “Well, certainly, a lot of the challenges that we have been experiencing this year will continue into next year. ... But there are both short-term and long-term steps that we can take to do something about it. Look, part of what’s happening isn’t just the supply side. It’s the demand side. Demand is off the charts. Retail sales are through the roof.”

Business Climate

Guide Details What To Do If You Are Denied PPP Forgiveness (10/19/2021)

Small Business Trends (10/14, Price) released a guide on “what to do if you are denied PPP loan forgiveness.” According to Small Business Trends, the Small Business Administration (SBA) “continues to forgive Paycheck Protection Program [PPP] loans at a steady clip,” with the agency “making payments on 6.76 million applications so far.” However, “while the vast majority of loans are forgiven for all or nearly all of the loan amount, some are still denied forgiveness by the SBA.”

Small Business Marketing

SBA Assistant Administrator Explains “How Emprendedoras Are Changing American Small Business” (10/19/2021)

In a piece for Inc. Magazine (10/15), SBA Assistant Administrator Natalie Madeira Cofield said with Hispanic Heritage Month underway, the SBA was “mindful of the need to elevate underserved communities, which include America’s emprendedoras.” The Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) was “focused on meeting the needs of these Latina women through advocacy, outreach, education, and support. OWBO’s efforts are particularly relevant as the SBA has delivered $1 trillion to small businesses since the pandemic began, and continued under the watch of Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman – an emprendedora herself.”

Wages and Benefits

As Americans Leave Jobs At “Staggering Rates,” Unions Use Strikes To Benefit Those Who Stay (10/19/2021)

The Washington Post (10/17, Bogage) reported that while Americans are “leaving their jobs at staggering rates,” many are “choosing to dig in and fight.” The Post said that so far, “there have been strikes against 178 employers this year, according to a tracker by Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations,” while the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “which records only large work stoppages, has documented 12 strikes involving 1,000 or more workers so far this year. That’s considerably higher than 2020, when the pandemic took hold, but in line with significant strike activity recorded in 2019 and 2018.” In interviews with the Post, workers and labor leaders “said union members are angry with employers for failing to raise pay to match new profits and are disappointed by the lack of high-quality jobs,” and “frustrated that wage growth is not keeping pace with inflation.”