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Trump Tweets “Flake(y)” Will Oppose Tax Cuts, Urges Senate GOP Not To Disappoint Public. (11/21/2017)

The AP (11/19) reported President Trump issued “an insulting tweet” against Sen. Jeff Flake Sunday night after the lawmaker “was caught on an open microphone Friday saying the GOP is ‘toast’ if the party follows Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.” Trump tweeted, “Sen. Jeff Flake(y), who is unelectable in the Great State of Arizona (quit race, anemic polls) was caught (purposely) on ‘mike’ saying bad things about your favorite President. He’ll be a NO on tax cuts because his political career anyway is ‘toast.”’

Business Climate

Fed Speeches Demonstrate Readiness To Raise Rates In December. (11/21/2017)

MarketWatch (11/17) reported that Fed watchers “gleaned two important conclusions from a flurry of public appearances by central bankers” last week: that the central bank is set to raise interest rates in December, and “that the central bankers are concerned they might not have all the tools they need to combat the next recession.” Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic “told reporters this week that he thought the shift in leadership” from Janet Yellen to Jerome Powell “was a good time to examine the central bank’s strategy.” Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester “told reporters that Fed should follow the lead of the Bank of Canada, which formally reviews its strategy and policy tool every five years.”

Small Business Marketing

Upcoming Small Business Saturday Gets Wide Coverage. (11/21/2017)

Numerous outlets over the weekend provided coverage of Small Business Saturday. On its website, NBC News (11/17, Ramberg) reported Small Business Saturday is “right around the corner” on November 25, and “there has been a growing swell of support for shopping at local independent businesses on this day wedged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” American Express, a founding partner of Small Business Saturday, said in 2016, over 100 million Americans participated in Small Business Saturday. Over 6,700 communities have “pledged celebrate the day with events and media.” NBC News expects Small Business Saturday “to be even bigger this year” due to “marketing support from neighborhood champions, the press, and corporate partners.” NBC News also spoke with six small business experts, who offer advice to small business owners on how to “make the most of the day.”

Wages and Benefits

Centrist Policy Institute Calls For Tiered National Minimum Wage. (11/21/2017)

In an op-ed in the New York (NY) Times (11/17, Subscription Publication), centrist policy institute Third Way president Jonathan Cowan senior vice president Jim Kessler wrote that the national minimum wage should “be a range of national minimum wages that recognizes the differences in living cost and labor markets in a way that is both flexible and permanent.” The “average national minimum wage – that is, the minimum wage in regions of the country that experience a cost of living close to the national average – should be pegged to an objective measure that recognizes labor market realities and lifts the maximum number of people out of poverty,” Cowan and Jim Kessler explained.

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