Archive of Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman
  • 5 Random Handy Social Media Apps
    Create more opportunities for interaction and engagement. Connect with your audience in new ways and track your efforts. Check out these 5 apps to add to your social media toolkit!... more
  • 4 Ways You Can Still Use Twitter
    There have been ownership, policy and feature changes at Twitter. Learn why a presence on Twitter may be beneficial for your business.... more
  • 5 Social Media Marketing Tools You Need
    There are a number of activities involved in social media marketing and corresponding tools that can make those tasks easier. Here are 5 types of tools you may need.... more
  • 5 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2023
    “Trendspotting” is a part of social media marketing. Here are five social media trends that may have an impact on how you market your company on social networks... more
  • Marketing and Advertising on TikTok
    TikTok can provide an array of advertising tools for your business. Learn what these advertising tools are and how to use them.... more
  • The Facebook/Instagram Connection
    Understanding how Instagram and Facebook are connected and how they differ can help you leverage their combined tools to streamline your social media marketing efforts.... more
  • 5 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following
    When it comes to cultivating your social media following, think quality over quantity. Connect with real people who act instead of acquiring empty numbers. Here are some ways to do that.... more
  • Creating Effective Pinterest Pins
    Pinterest is different from other social networks so don’t use "one size fits all"! What makes an effective pin on Pinterest? Here are some things that can start you off on the right track... more
  • Enhancing Social Media Video
    If you’re looking to use online video for the first time or trying to freshen up your approach to video for your social media channels, here are some things you can try.... more
  • Using Influencers for Social Media Marketing
    A Social Media Influencer is someone who has built a loyal following in social media.  Learn how to tap into their creativity and interests to help market your products.... more
  • Freshening Up Your LinkedIn Marketing
    Be more proactive in leveraging your Linkedin Profile. Here are some ideas for making it more attractive and appealing to help you make more connections.... more
  • Planning and Creating TikToks
    If you are looking to reach Gen Z and Millennials, TikTok could be the right place for you to market your product or service. Here are some things to consider.... more
  • 3 Ways to Use Twitter Spaces
    Twitter Spaces can help your company attract attention and followers as well as build your brand and reputation. Here are some ideas.... more
  • Understanding NFTs for Your Business
    Learn what a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is and how you might use it in your own marketing efforts.... more
  • Getting to Know the New Facebook Page Experience
    Facebook has made changes to your Facebook Page. Re-acquaint yourself with the features to help you adapt your marketing practices.... more
  • 4 Offline Marketing Ideas Using Social Media
    Lead people to your online website and social networks in your print, advertising campaigns and event. Here are 4 offline marketing tactics.... more
  • 5 Ways to Use TikTok or Reels for Your Business
    Leverage short, dynamic videos with catchy soundtracks to promote your business, products or services. Learn how TikTok or Reels can help.... more
  • 10 Basics of Social Media Marketing
    Here are 10 items you should be thinking about when engaging your social media following. Knowing the fundamentals of social media marketing is a good starting point toward engaging your audience.... more
  • Integrating Pinterest into Your Social Media Routine
    Pinterest is less on socializing and connecting and more on inspiring and planning. It may seem challenging at first. Here are some ways to approach Pinterest.... more
  • 5 Must Have Apps for Social Media Marketing Success
    There are many tools you can use for social media marketing. Here is a list of 5 apps that may suit your needs and your budget.... more
  • 3 Tips for Better Engagement on Instagram
    Story Stickers, Carousel Posts and Sharable Memes are features Instagram offers to help your brand stand out. Here are some suggestions for using them to attract more attention.... more
  • 5 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Avoid
    Know the potential drawbacks of certain social media marketing practices. Here are some you should be cautious about.... more
  • 4 Ways to Get Business Leads on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn provides features that encourage networking and lead generation. Here are some ways the tools work. Knowing how you use them can mean more fruitful leads to grow your business.... more
  • Picking the Right Social Networks for Your Business
    Not every social network is right for every business. Understanding who uses which network and how they use it is important to knowing where you should be focusing your social media marketing efforts.... more
  • 4 Twitter Features You Should Be Using
    Twitter continues to roll out new features that your business may benefit from. Explore the features that serve your clients and that may allow you to generate revenue directly from Twitter.... more
  • 3 Ways to Better Manage Facebook and Instagram
    Link your Instagram account to Facebook and expand your audience on both platforms. Facebook’s business suite of tools helps you create, manage, monitor, and measure your posts on both accounts.... more
  • Social Media Best Practices for 2022
    Now is the time to determine what social media accounts are working for you and which should be placed on the backburner. Staying up to date can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help to stay current.... more
  • 4 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Stand Out
    Explore how to make your posts more attractive and compelling. Here are some tips for helping your posts stand out.... more
  • Best Practices for ‘Live Streaming’
    Live streaming gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience real-time. Here are some basics that you should cover along with best practices to follow for a successful outcome.... more
  • 4 Different Ways to Produce Audio Podcasts
    Podcasting is a cost-effective way to help you reach your customers and attract new ones. Read how you can create your podcast!... more
  • Rethink How You Use Pinterest
    Pinterest reaches audiences ranging from Millennials, GenXers and Boomers in equal amounts. Here are tips to effectively drive traffic to your website.... more
  • 3 Other Types of Social Media Platforms
    Enhance your social media marketing by understanding how other social media sites work.... more
  • The Business Value of LinkedIn Groups
    There are benefits to creating a community online with a Linkedin group. It will help generate better interactions with people who are key to the success of your business. Here are some tips for setting one up.... more
  • Visual Content
    Your images, videos and text captioning help convey your message. Here are some tips for adding this content to your social media feeds.... more
  • Twitter Features You Might Have Missed
    Twitter has offered new features over the years. Some have caught on and some have been removed. Here is a list of features you may have missed or are rolling out.... more
  • 5 Social Media Terms You Need to Know
    How are you doing with your social media posts to bring value to your business? Here are some key terms you should know and use to measure how you are really doing.... more
  • Get Greater Engagement with Facebook Groups
    Facebook Groups provides many options for crafting and posting messages to your customers. Here are some tips for using it.... more
  • Managing Social Media Marketing with your Smartphone
    Turn your smartphone into a social media marketing management system. Learn about the apps that can help you do just that!... more
  • Winning at Reels: The “TikTok” of Instagram
    If you are already using Instagram and gaining traction, adding Reels to your social media marketing could be beneficial.... more
  • Getting More Out of Your Social Media Content
    There are many ways to leverage the content you create. Convert it into different forms to reach different audiences. Here’s how!... more
  • 4 Smart Ways to Use YouTube
    Use YouTube to build your brand, customer service and support your other social media marketing efforts... more
  • New Features on Popular Social Networks
    Adopting new social media features early may give you the benefit of greater visibility. The social network may boost your posts to encourage others to try new features.... more
  • 4 Ways to Turbo Charge Your Pinterest Marketing
    Your social imagery should have Pinterest in mind for more traffic to your website and more visitors intent on shopping. Here are some ideas for using Pinterest.... more
  • The Pros and Cons of Using New Social Networks
    Should you be an early adopter of new social networks for your business? Aliza discusses the pros and cons of early adoption and discusses two new social networks.... more
  • 5 Ways to Get More Out of Your LinkedIn Account
    Choose the Linkedin features and benefits that are right for you and your business. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Linkedin Account.... more
  • Using Royalty-Free Images in Your Social Media Posts
    Using Multi-Media can enhance your social media posts. An inexpensive way to do this is with Royalty-Free images. Here are some tips for doing this.... more
  • 3 Engaging Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram
    Are you getting all you can out of your Instagram for marketing? Here are three features that you might not be using today!... more
  • Using Audio for Social Media Marketing
    Podcasts and other audio formats are still extremely popular ways to reach your customers and prospects. Here are some options for using it.... more