Archive of Financial Articles
  • Life Stage Planning for Business Owners
    Break your retirement planning strategy into pieces. It is easier to accomplish. At any stage having a savings safety net is essential. Here are some ideas for saving for retirement.... more
  • How Technology is Leveling the Playing Field for Small Businesses
    Small businesses are leaner and agile when competing against larger companies. Now technology allows you to amplify your advantages while competing on a level playing field.... more
  • Post-Business Sale Planning for Business Owners
    Selling your business makes changes to your balance sheet. It may be challenging to families attempting to keep a certain lifestyle. Here are ideas for planning for your sale and the next chapter of your life.... more
  • Finding the Right Bookkeeping Service for Your Business
    Hiring a bookkeeping service does not have to be an expensive proposition compared to hiring an employee. It is a far better investment than the cost of the business owner’s valuable time.... more
  • Risk Management is Key to Business Growth
    Risk management is understanding your business’s risk exposure. For small businesses an initial risk management plan can be as easy as following these simple steps.... more
  • Small Businesses Must Embrace the Gig Economy
    Businesses are embracing the benefits of creating a digital workplace to attract temporary and permanent employees.... more
  • Five Documents You’ll Need to Get that Business Loan
    Banks want to lend but, small businesses wanting to borrow must ensure that they have thorough documentation. Learn how to present your business to earn the confidence of the bank lending officer.... more
  • Managing Payroll, Bookkeeping, and Taxes as a Sole Owner-Employee of an...
    Managing your payroll even as a sole employee, can be difficult when you consider all the IRS requirements. Here is why you may want to consider outsourcing your payroll function to a service provider.... more
  • Business Owners Need to Have Estate Planning on their Minds
    A well-conceived estate plan coordinated with your business succession plan is an absolute must to maximize your family’s financial security and keep your business intact.... more
  • Investor or Partner - Where to Turn for Growth Capital
    When a bank loan is not an option to grow your business, investors or partners may be an option. However, both can come with headaches. Here are the pros and cons of each.... more
  • Planning on Selling Your Business? Here’s What You Need to Know
    When selling your business, it is critical to form a team of trusted advisors who can help you plan for the best possible outcome.... more
  • Mixing Business and Personal Credit Can Hurt Your Credit Score
    Your business creditworthiness depends on both your business score and your personal score. Keep your balances low on business and personal credit lines.... more
  • Why You Must Choose Your Customers and Narrow Your Focus
    Make customer loyalty your number one priority. Be exceptional at delivering one type of value to your customer.... more
  • Is Your Umbrella Liability Policy Leaving Your Assets Exposed?
    Underestimating your personal liability risks can financially expose you. Maybe a standard umbrella policy isn’t enough. Here’s what you need to know.... more
  • Managing Your Personal Finances Like a Business
    Manage your cash flow like a business. Break your budget into manageable pieces. Here are basics of cash flow allocation.... more
  • The Biggest Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make
    Take a moment to understand how one costly mistake could take away everything you have worked for and how to protect yourself and your business.... more
  • A Family Protection Plan for Business Owners
    Do you have maximum insurance protection to protect your family and business? Here are some items to consider.... more
  • Life Stage Financial Planning for Business Owners
    Plan for a secure retirement through the stages of your business. Here are some tips for setting more achievable goals and gaining confidence and motivation with more frequent accomplishments.... more
  • Give Back to Your Community and Watch Your Business Grow
    Create goodwill in your community. It doesn’t have to be all about the money! Here is why giving back to your community is good business.... more
  • Tax Help: How to Choose a CPA
    A CPA can help the business owner stay attuned to changing tax law and emerging financial opportunities. Here are some tips for selecting a CPA.... more
  • It’s Time for a Business Financial Check-up
    Give your business a periodic financial check-up. Know the critical areas of concern for your business’s financial wellness.... more
  • Business Lines of Credit as a Cash Flow Solution
    Growing your business may sometimes lead to a temporary cash crunch. Having a business line of credit can help you through those times.... more
  • The Importance of Valuing Your Business Now
    Do you know the value of your business? There are many reasons why you should have your business appraised.... more
  • What’s Your Business Exit Plan?
    Your business exit plan increases the likelihood that your future will happen as you want it to happen. It is never too early to plan your exit strategy.... more
  • 5 Ways to Smooth Out Your Small Business Cash Flow
    Business owners are sometimes challenged with covering operating expenses. Finding ways to smooth out cash flow a struggle. Here are some tools to help you.... more
  • Will Your Business be a Victim of Employee Fraud?
    If the opportunity presents itself, employee fraud can happen in your business. Prevent it from occurring in the first place. Here are some tips.... more
  • Why it’s Critical for Business Owners to Diversify
    Gain control of your money and know where it is going. Whether you are technologically inclined or do your budget with paper and pen, these tips will help you.... more
  • Five Ways to Boost Financial Performance
    Boosting your financial performance can get you to the next level. Learn how to focus on critical aspects of your business to help you achieve that goal.... more
  • Having Trouble Hiring, Keeping Employees? Time to Get Creative
    Employers are becoming creative with their benefits and perks to outdo other employers. Here is a sampling of what jobseekers are finding during their job hunt.... more
  • Tax Filing Mistakes Business Owners Must Avoid
    Keeping up with changing tax rules and not keeping precise and organized records are just some of the mistakes small business owners make. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid.... more
  • Behind on Saving for Retirement? Here’s How Business Owners Can Catch...
    Business Owners - it’s not too late to put more away for your retirement! Take full advantage of available tax savings with the time you have left before retirement.... more
  • Time is Money: 5 Ways to Save on Your Accounting Bill
    As your business grows your accounting needs expand. It is costly when your accountant needs to put your files in order. Here are ways to do that before you give them to your accountant.... more
  • Will Your Business Become a Victim of Wire Fraud?
    You must be the first line of defense against wire fraud. Educating you and your employees on the risks and vulnerabilities is key to keeping your business safe.... more
  • Will Your Business Survive the Next Disaster?
    Does your business have a Business Continuity Plan? Read what you need to know and how to implement one.... more
  • Unlock Your Business’s Potential Through Outsourcing
    A small business owner wears many hats. Some of them may require you to do functions that could be done by others and free up your time for more important endeavors. Is it time to outsource?... more
  • Networking Your Way to Business Success
    Building a business support network doesn’t have to me difficult. Try these 5 support mechanisms to help you grow.... more
  • Getting to Yes with a Solid Loan Proposal
    Learn the key components lenders want to see in a business loan proposal.... more
  • How to Create Shared Economic Value
    Define your business success not just with profits but, how you can increase society’s capacity to drive positive economic and social progress.... more
  • For Business Owners, Time is Precious, So Don’t Waste It
    Are you organizing, prioritizing and delegating business functions that free you up to work on the business? Here are some tips to do just that.... more
  • Why a Business Banking Relationship is Important to Your Business
    Establishing a business relationship with a banker is important to your business. Developing the integrity and trust over time will help you have a partner you can count on.... more
  • Why It's Important to Know Your Business's Debt Capacity
    Your business’s capacity to take on debt is important when an opportunity arises that requires a loan. Here is what you need to know.... more
  • Now is the Time to Think About Capital Expenditures
    Are you considering capital expenditures for your business? Now is a great time to sit down with our business banker to discuss financing options.... more
  • The Best Ways for Business Owners to Invest
    The amount of control you give to the investment manager determines the type of services you will receive. Here is some basic information on the three types of investment management services... more
  • 5 Things to Know Before Taking on a Partner
    Business partnerships that have gone bad can ruin your business. Carefully investigate your prospects.... more
  • The Biggest Security Risk for Small Businesses
    Phishing attacks are up more than 800%. Most businesses can expect to be a target. Do you provide security training to all your employees?... more
  • You Must Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus and Dominate Your...
    Knowing your customers and having a value discipline to be exceptional at is key to sustaining growth and profitability.... more
  • The Versatility of Life Insurance for Business Owners
    Life Insurance policies can be used in various ways to protect your business. Working with an insurance professional will help you determine what you might need.... more
  • Revenue, Profits, Cash Flow—What’s the Difference?
    Revenue, profits, and cash flow are interrelated but quite different in terms of their impact on your business. Here is a breakdown of what they are and what they do.... more