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Small Businesses Get New Facebook Pages Experience

Small Businesses Get New Facebook Pages Experience

Facebook recently updated its Facebook Pages feature, making the new look and functionalities available to all small businesses. Facebook said that the changes will make it easier for businesses to build connections with customers and other businesses.

"With the new Facebook Pages experience, you can expect a cleaner and more streamlined layout, easier navigation between your personal profile and business pages, a Professional Dashboard to manage all of your activities quickly in one central location, and access to a dedicated Feed to more seamlessly interact with people on Facebook as your business," Facebook said in the announcement.


Business owners or page managers can switch between their personal and business pages by holding down or tapping on the bottom right menu icon from their mobile devices. This makes it easy to manage both the personal profile and business page separately.

If you update your page to the new version, all content (such as posts, photos, videos, stories, and groups) will automatically move to the new version, as well as all of the page likes and followers. If your page has a blue verification check mark, that will also appear on the new version.

The update includes "seamless" interactions with other public figures, brands, and people with access to the feed feature. You can follow other public figures, businesses, and partners to create a custom feed with topics of your preference. The new page feed is separate from the profile, and allows you to curate a unique feed experience right on your new style page. Anyone who has control over the page will be able to access this feed.

There are also actionable insights and more relevant notifications, as well as updated gage management tools, including the ability to give others Facebook access or task access to manage the page.


Any person who previously had access as an admin to the Facebook page will continue to have access with the update. The new version will continue to provide access to settings, permissions, content, messages, community activity, ads, insights, Instagram account linking, monetization features, and the ability to manage the Page from all platform tools (including Meta Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Creator Studio).

If you grant task access to someone, you can choose which features they can manage, such as ads, insights, or content. Someone who was not previously an admin or editor on the page, such as a moderator or advertiser, will have task access, but will not be able to switch into the new page on Facebook. Old roles like moderator and editor will no longer be available with the new version.

Some features are moving or going away. For example, you will need to schedule posts via Meta Business Suite or Creator Studio. Business features, such as jobs, appointments, and offers will be absent from the new version, as well as Facebook Page Shop, reviews, check-ins, and page templates. You will be able to manage the new page from the Facebook mobile app, but not from mobile web browsers, which you could do in the past.

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