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Spotify Codes Scan Allows Quick Music Sharing

Spotify recently introduced Spotify Codes to all of their users. Through this update, Spotify users can now share their music with friends and family by simply scanning an image code. The code will then load the shared track, album, or playlist into the user’s mobile device. This innovation seeks to make music sharing a more seamless and immersive experience for everyone both in real life and on social media.

Most of the tracks, playlists, and albums on Spotify now comes with a code-enhanced image that allows users to share them with anyone with a simple scan. These images can also be saved into a device’s camera roll and uploaded to any social media platform. Images uploaded onto social media can be scanned by anyone for as long as they have the Spotify app.

To make the code work, users must click on the “…” context and look for the newly installed camera button. Selecting this button will prompt the in-app camera to load. Once the camera has loaded, users can take a picture of the scannable image to get the track, playlist or album to load into their phones.

The code itself can be found at the bottom of the artwork of specific albums, tracks, or playlists. Users must take a picture of the code-enhanced image in order to successfully load the content.

The Spotify Code will definitely change the way music fans share their music, making it more interactive and social in nature. Aside from benefiting music lovers everywhere, Spotify Code is also set to transform the way artists share their music. This gives artists an opportunity to engage with their fans on social media on a more experiential level. They also have the freedom to be as creative as they can be when it comes to marketing their music to all their listeners and fans across the globe.

Spotify is also thinking of bringing this music sharing innovation to the real world and embedding the code into flyers and posters. The team behind the latest update says they are confident that this can improve the way everyone consumes and shares music online. “We’re excited to see the creative ways in which they are used,” the music service said.

Spotify users can now enjoy this completely new and innovative way of sharing their favorite tracks with friends and family. Spotify Codes is currently being rolled out globally for both Android and iOS users.

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