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Small Business News

NFIB Weekly News

  1. White House Seeking Fed Chair That Supports Deregulation. (10/10/2017)

    Bloomberg News (10/6, Torres, Jacobs, Mohsin) reported “the White House team leading the search for the next generation of Federal Reserve leaders is seeking contenders...

  2. Facebook Security Head Warns Of Fake News Dangers. (10/10/2017)

    Bloomberg News (10/7, Frier) reported that Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos “warned that the fake news problem is more complicated and dangerous to solve...

Small Business Tech News

  1. Mozilla Firefox Plans to End Support for Windows XP and Vista OS in June (10/09/2017)

    Pretty soon, you’ll stop receiving updates for your Firefox browser if you’re running Windows XP or Vista. Mozilla recently announced that it will be dropping support for the two platforms by next year.

  2. Google Launches Ethics Board to Steer AI Efforts (10/06/2017)

    Google is finally taking steps to ensure that its rapid development in the field of AI will only bring about positive change for the whole of humanity. London-based company DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google parent firm Alphabet, has formed a new research unit called “Ethics & Society,” tasked to steer the group’s AI efforts.

  3. Shopify Integrates New Instagram Shopping Feature (10/05/2017)

    Christmas comes early for Shopify and Instagram users, with the former now providing Instagram integration to most of its vendors. The eCommerce company and Instagram had been collaborating on the new shopping service the whole year.

  4. Microsoft’s Bing for Business Aims to Transform the Enterprise Search Experience (10/04/2017)

    Bing is often seen as the underdog of search engines, but it recently held center stage at Microsoft’s recently concluded Ignite conference. Held in September in Orlando, Florida, the conference allowed the company to disclose how it plans to proceed with the enterprise software.

  5. Yahoo Releases Its Search Code as Open Source (10/03/2017)

    Yahoo is now giving away the crucial technology powering its internal searches. Vespa, the search engine used by the tech company for internal queries, is now open-source and available to everyone.

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