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Small Business News

NFIB Weekly News

  1. Congress Will Have Just 12 Days To Decide On Shoring Up Obamacare Marketplaces. (08/22/2017)

    The Wall Street Journal (8/20, Armour, Hackman, Subscription Publication) reported that when lawmakers return from recess on September 5, they will have just 12 days...

  2. Fed Wrestles With Dual Reality Of Low Inflation, Low Unemployment. (08/22/2017)

    The New York Times (8/16, Appelbaum, Subscription Publication) reported that a growing number of Federal Reserve officials “see the pattern” of the US economy’s low...

Small Business Tech News

  1. Facebook Experiments with Promoting eBay Daily Deals, Will it Help Sellers? (08/23/2017)

    It looks like Facebook is testing out a new way  to get its more than 2 billion spend money via its platform. Though not yet publicly announced, the tech giant has recently partnered with eBay bringing the online retailer’s Daily Deals to the FB Marketplace.

  2. Amazon Web Services Gets Competition With Microsoft’s Acquisition of Cycle Computing (08/21/2017)

    Among the top players in the tech industry, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the undisputed king of cloud computing, leading the pack by a wide margin in the relatively new but lucrative segment. However, rivals do not plan to let AWS reign unchallenged.

  3. Amazon Spark Launched (08/17/2017)

    Online retailer giant Amazon just found another way to make it easier for people to part ways with their money. The company has ventured into the world of social media with Amazon Spark, which was launched last July.

  4. NAFTA Proposal’s Affect on Online Sales (08/16/2017)

    With the renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) almost at hand, various groups within the three members of the trading block– Canada, Mexico, and the United States– are already busy lobbying their diverging positions on anticipated issues to be discussed.

  5. Latest Worldwide Social Media User Count (08/15/2017)

    The world is indeed getting more connected whether you like it or not. Latest data show that almost half of the world’s population are actively logging into the social media platform of their choice.

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