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President Hailed Record-Breaking Small Business Optimism. (09/18/2018)

Tuesday morning of last week, President Trump tweeted about the strength of small business optimism with Business Insider (9/11, Bryan) reporting that NFIB’s small business optimism index hit a record 108.8 for August. NFIB President and CEO, Jaunita Duggan, told Business Insider that “A lot of times when the optimism index has gotten up around this type of record, it’s based on expectations like is it a good time to expand, expected sales, and that sort of thing. ...The index is dominated in this case by business activity that actually grows GDP: job creation plans, job openings, capital spending plans, and earnings.”

Business Climate

WSJournal A1: Tax Reform Has Yet To Result In Repatriated Cash Trump Promised. (09/18/2018)

A front-page analysis by the Wall Street Journal (9/16, A1, Rubin, Francis, Subscription Publication) found that last year’s tax reform, which President Trump said would bring money from US firms’ offshore holdings, has yet to make significant progress toward that goal.

Small Business Marketing

Report Shows How Brands Use Amazon’s Ad Options Successfully. (09/18/2018)

Retail Dive (9/13) said that according to Gartner L2’s “Amazon Winner’s Circle” report, Levi Strauss & Co. has found success with sales and advertising on Amazon. Levi “funneled ad spend away from YouTube and directed ad referrals to its branded Amazon page,” increasing its share of Amazon ad impressions from three to 30 percent. This web traffic boost increased the store’s organic visibility in Google search results, driving “more consumers to an Amazon page with Levi’s merchandise and away from traditional Amazon search pages where competitors also run ads.” Gartner L2’s report “should help shed some light on how different brands are using Amazon’s various ad options successfully.”

Wages and Benefits

NYTimes Analysis: Trump “Vulnerable” Over Warning That Democrats Will Target Entitlements. (09/18/2018)

The New York Times (9/14, Shear) reported that President Trump told Montana voters last week that Democrats would go after their Medicare and Social Security benefits, in a move echoing his 2016 campaign. The accusation “runs counter to many in his own party, including Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who have long argued for cuts in entitlement programs.” The Times also argued Trump “is vulnerable to accusations of hypocrisy for championing a tax cut even as the financial outlook for entitlement programs has worsened.”